City Boy: A Grill for the Urbanite

City Boy may sound like the name of a new, independent band looking to make their name in the urban sprawl through subversive music, but it is actually the name of a new grill hitting the market designed for the dazzling urbanite.

clip_image002The minimalist and sleek design of the City Boy Grill is perfect for a small get together with wine and char grilled tapas to be shared with close friends in the rooftop garden on which you have been spending so much time and effort. This is one gadget that doesn’t need flashing LED light bulbs and a thousand switches and knobs. A single knob on the front of the City Boy Grill controls the flow of gas and adjusts the heat under the stainless steel grates. If the design is too simple for you, click here to shop for LED light bulbs and build yourself a flashing stand to prop this ultra-sleek grill on top of. But, please leave it at home. I like the simplicity of this grill and won’t be messing with it.

This is a grill that I would proudly break out with the snootiest of all my friends; those who would turn their noses up at the idea of lighting a pile of charcoal and dealing with all the dirtiness of it. I am not letting go of my charcoal grill anytime soon or ditching my smoker, but this will be a great addition to my collection of grills.

With the summer upon us, I look forward to throwing the City Boy Grill in the back of my car and set it up on the beach or in a park. Standing at only 8.7” tall and 7.1” square at the base, this grill is made for portability and self-contained grilling adventures. Don’t expect to grill for a whole house party of guests on this one. It’s designed for single servings or small gatherings and it does the job quite nicely.

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