Saturday, June 16, 2012

iPhoto on the iPad is awesome (with my sample photos)


So I’ve been playing around with iPhoto on my iPad 2 for quite some time. I never have used an Apple made app this extensive besides iMovie but I think that iPhoto is the best app that Apple has introduced to the iPad because it really makes photo-editing simple and fun. Below is one example of the before and after photo that I took and edited on the iPhoto. The result came out looking great!

Just click the photos to get a larger view


This photo was shot on a Panasonic Lumix ZS6 camera and was sent directly to the camera via my 8gb Eye-Fi card and app.

As you can clearly see, the focus and colors were not that rich and the composition was bland. With iPhoto, I was able to crop and re-compose the shot to my liking. I was also able to adjust, via sliders, colors, temperatures, etc. I’m just playing around with sliders mind you, I can offer no technical know-how on the app like I would on Photoshop :)

Eye-Fi + iPad + iPhoto combo is very useful. I‘m excited to edit photos on-the-go on my Cebu trip next week!

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