Floody Carbag for our yearly Metro Manila floods

When you think about water-proofing your gadgets, you place them in sealed tight containers or even zip-lock bags. Camera’s, phones, tablets all can be easily sealed from any liquid that could damage them. With the recent flood that swept Metro Manila, one why-didn’t-of-think-of-that idea came into our attention – the Floody Carbag.

It’s technically one large plastic bag for your car. The instructions for using this are:

  1. Unzip - Spread the car bag flat on the ground. Undo the zippers.
  2. Park - Drive the car at the center of the bag, either front or rear first.
  3. Zip up - Once the car is parked squarely in the middle, close the zippers.
  4. Lock - Roll the front end of the bag. Bring both edges together. Fasten the hooks, then place on top of the car's hood or trunk so that no water will seep in.
  5. Anchor - Secure the two harnesses around the car. Affix it to a very steady and sturdy structure, such as a foundation post.

I don’t really know if this works but it looks like a legitimate product for sale. You can get one for you small to medium size car for PHP9,950 or your SUV’s and large AUV’s for PHP14,950. Check out the link above for their Facebook page and contact details. Let us know if you get one and how it works for you!.

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