Android 4.2 Awesome Camera Improvements


Just woke up to this notice on my Galaxy Nexus. Great, it downloaded 4.2 while I was sleeping :) Now, time to install.

The Android 4.2 improves the Jelly Bean experience by adding new features such as Daydream (Android’s version of WebOS’s Exhibition mode), New Gallery, Camera improvements and Photo Sphere. Lock screen widgets, Quick Links on the notification bar


Most of my favorites have been the improvements in the Camera App. I take a lot of photos and Photo Sphere really works great. It shoots semi panoramic and full panoramic shots with ease. The new Edit Photo tools also adds new filters and settings for tweaking shots.


There is also a new quick toggle interface for the in-camera settings. It’s now within thumb-reach and is more intuitive that the last. They also added an animating focus indicator that takes out the guesswork on when to fire that shot.


Zooming is now done thru pinch to zoom. Really nice graphic they implemented here.

What’s great about Android is Google’s fast iteration and speedy delivery of updates. Native apps like Gmail, Youtube and Maps gets updated regularly with small improvements. Small version bumps offer a lot of new features that really improve the overall experience of Android, at least on a Nexus device.

Android is my secondary small pocket computer of choice which iOS and Windows Phone sadly can’t replace yet.

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