Asus World Megamall -Broke Solid. Heart Wrenching.


Before writing this post, I was thinking of a perfect title for it but didn’t want it to sound too mean (if it is). So the title is just self-descriptive of what I’m going to write.

I have an Asus F3SV laptop since 2007. It recently broke its hinged which was one of the most common issues on the laptop line of Asus. I brought it to Asus World in Megamall as it’s one of their official service centers (seeing it bears their name)

I brought the laptop in on May 2012 and was told that they would call me back and update me of the status. I waited for weeks and months as they had to order a part directly from Taiwan. After a few month passed and got no response from them, I actually forgot it already because of their ludicrous delay.

I called up on September to follow up on the status only to be told that “Sir wala po bang naginform sa inyo? Wala na pong part para sa laptop niyo. end of line napo kasi siya.” Obviously if someone had informed me, I wouldn’t be calling them and following it up. They then told me to just pick it up. So I ended up waiting for months without the laptop, expecting that it was being worked on, while it was only actually just sitting on one of their shelves.

I’m not saying I won’t buy an Asus notebook or in the future or would boycott Asus products because I won’t. They make good products at good prices, but I wouldn't want it breaking on me after warranty is over and having to go thru Asus World Megamall again. In fairness, Asus has a great 2 year global warranty on its laptops but mine broke on its 5-year stretch from a well-known factory defect.

Besides the part they told me was not available and was already EOL is being sold in bulk quantities by some eBay dude in Hong Kong. I don’t really understand why Asus doesn’t have a stock of their own parts or why a 5-year old laptop already is obsolete, do they expect people to buy them every year?

/end rant

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