Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pebble Watch Shipping on January 25th


Pebble just announced on their CES press conference that they’ll be shipping the first Pebble watches on January 25th. First batches would go to the Kickstarter backers and the following that would be from regular pre-orders on their website.

For those of you who’ve just encountered Pebble. It’s an e-paper smart watch  that hooks up to Android and iOS6 devices via Bluetooth and can relay alerts from SMS, calls, chats and can also notify on new emails. It integrates with your phone and allows you to switch music or manage your fitness app directly on your watch.  It comes with a magnetic charging pin a in water-resistant case and can last up to a week without charging. Really impressive. 

I backed this Kickstarter project last year and while it missed it’s original September 2012 delivery date, the Pebble Team was very transparent on the cause of delays and really provided updates on the production process. Some people complained and even requested for refunds but it was doing something sure and tester rather than delivery some half-baked product too early. Can’t wait to get mine!

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