Geneva Model S Sound System Review

Geneva Model S

Geneva Lab is a company based in Switzerland and their first product line, Geneva Sound Systems, introduced a wide-range of iPod dock sound systems one of which is the Geneva Model S.

The product naming is as simple as it gets, the Model S stands for the small version of their all-in-one system. There are also XS, M, L XL and even XXL (coming in June 2013) models which features the same simple and minimalistic design but with a larger frame and set of features.

Geneva Model S Tech Specs:

  • Two full-range 3” drivers
  • Two bass ports with dynamic loudness
  • Each speaker individually powered and chambered for accurate acoustics
  • Two Class D digital amplifiers – extremely efficient, low-power consumption
  • Digital FM radio with 6 presets
  • Digital clock with alarm
  • LED display for volume/mode/frequency
  • iPod/iPhone Universal Dock with automatic opening for protection
  • TouchLight controls – backlit, touch-sensitive
  • Stereo mini line-in jack for external audio
  • Remote control
  • Table stand in brushed aluminum finish

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The Geneva Model S came in a premium-looking bright red box. Inside included the bare essentials; you get a remote control, iPod/iPhone Universal Dock adapters, AC power cable, External FM antenna and table stand in brushed aluminum finish.

While the inclusion of retractable antenna is great, the included remote feels kind of cheap. Comparing it to my Altec Lansing remote, it seems that Geneva just settled with basic plastic molding and just covered it with a faux aluminum paint job. For the price, I wish they had used a stronger and high-quality plastic to complement the speaker itself.

The remote allows 6-preset FM stations and pretty much every controls from treble/bass adjustments to alarm clock settings.

Hardware & Sound


I really like the glossy paint and retro-feel of the Geneva S. The red paint looks like those automotive finishes found on high-end sports cars. Getting the black or white version would just be as nice looking, it will just depend on your house interiors and how each color would complement your existing setup. I imagine the black color might show your nasty fingerprints though.

The Geneva S has 2 ports on the back for the antenna and the auxiliary input, meaning you can still stream music via your devices’ headphone jack even if you don’t have any iDevices.

Below the speaker case are 4 foot nubs for when using without the cylindrical stand. The power supply is also built right inside the speaker cabinet hence the straight to socket cord.

When not in iPod Mode, the dock discreetly hides itself via a rolling motor making the top surface clean for other stuffs like photo frames or a tiny flower pot.

Geneva calls their controls TouchLight. It is a touch-sensitive backlit display that I flush within the surface of the hardware. It looks cool and the controls very much function like an iPod would.

Geneva Model S doesn’t come with built-in Bluetooth but the review unit given to me included a 30-pin Bluetooth adapter which allows wireless music streaming. Instant AirPlay-like feature.

The Geneva Model S has two 3” full-range drivers with Digital Hi-Fi amplifiers. Audio quality was great and quite at par with my Creative D200. Both having excellent crisp and full sounds at 128kbps streaming music. I’m not an audiophile but I know good sound when I hear it.

My father specifically loved the overall aesthetics and the easy access buttons at the top.


I would definitely recommend the Geneva Model S (besides the plastic remote) as a good all-around home system. It performs well while also looking really good. Just a quick note though, Apple has just introduced a new lightning connector for the newer iPods and iPhone, might want to get a 30-pin to lighting adapter to make use of the dock and charger.

The Model S retails for about 13,860 and is obviously targeted at discerning audio-loving and stylish crowds. If you have no budget constraints this is a perfect choice but if you do, I’m sure you could find other low-cost speakers that might not look good as this, but still offer the feature that you’re looking for.

Thanks to Dexterton Corporation for providing this review unit. Check out the different Geneva products on their website. You can also contact them at

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