Polishing Windows 8 ‘Metro’ Live Tile Icons

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I have been using Windows 8 for a few months now and have already gotten quite used to the new Metro Modern interface. However, I had some petty issues with some of the pre-installed Live Tile Icons not really expressing very well the app and just not looking right (which I know is relative to my own liking)

So when I had an extra hour I decided to polish some of Windows 8 Modern UI Icons into what I believe is more easier to understand, simple yet still consistent with the whole idea of the Modern UI design language.

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image image
The flap behind was just not doing it for me so I made a sharper lower corner having it look like an actual folder newspaper.

Mail can’t get any simpler than an envelope. I think it works well. Just tweaked and made the flap line a little thicker.
image image
I made the heads bigger and less rounded. Also made the shoulders look normal and not like someone with scoliosis.

Calendar just looks fine. Refined it a little
image image
The camera looks a little different than the rest of the icons. So I tweaked the lens and centered it.

Made the sun simpler with less rays
image image
Briefcase looks fine but it can be mistaken for business attaché case. Just made the handle rounded and added straps. Though I think that it could also stand without the straps for a more simpler look.

Nothing new here, but still just tweaked it along with the rest.
image image
Refined the trophy and added a star because every sporting event has some sort of a star right? or I just like Mario.
Made the container shape a little sharper on the corners, but rounded also works great (as with all containers). Was just thinking of it as the Surface PC.

image image
Less mountain tips and longer sun rays. More space on the bottom for the Polaroid-feel.
Adjusted the shape of the band and the ear foams. Made lines thicker.

image image
Couldn’t use the Xbox logo as Microsoft might be moving it to something more than “gaming”. So maybe just making the Xbox circle a little bigger.
Maps icon was a little weird to look at at first. So I made a Google-like marker using the Bing Maps pin creating a focal point on the icon.



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