Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 Review

Options for small compact wireless keyboards in the market right now are quite limited. When it comes to full-featured keyboards for desktop use, you only have three contenders; the Apple Wireless Keyboard, Microsoft’s Arc Keyboard and Logitech’s new K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard to choose from. (see K800, Logitech full-sized keyboard)

Logitech Keyboard K810 Tech Specs:

  • Compact and ultra-thin with a real brushed aluminum finish
  • 3 dedicated easy-switch Bluetooth buttons that can sync 3 devices.
  • Sharp, backlit chiclet-style keys.
  • Rechargeable with supplied cable. No battery hassles.
  • Works with Bluetooth capable PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (with keyboard profile HID)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows RT
  • Supports iPhones, or iPads with iOS 4.0 or later and Android devices with v3.0 or later

Initial impressions

The built of the K810 is composed on part plastic and aluminum. Actually the aluminum part is just a slice of layer that is seen below the typing keys. (see image below) Beyond that, the construction is mostly made of plastic so it feels lighter compared to Apple’s full unibody Wireless keyboard.

The keyboard doesn’t take any batteries like AAA or AA. It uses proprietary built-in battery powered/charged by the included USB cable. It’s an advantage in a way because you don’t need to find a set of batteries to use it, a disadvantage is replacing the battery when it becomes dead in a few years.

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Due to the blue backlit labels, the top part was made out of black glossy and scratch-prone plastic. I would’ve preferred a full aluminum face or matte plastic but sadly Logitech just instead placed their glowing logo on top.

Also included in the box along with the keyboard is the micro USB charging cable and user documentation.


Performance & Typing

The buttons are great for typing. I didn’t find any problems with it and was quieter than Apple’s wireless keyboard. The letter keys have that curvy inward shape while command keys slope outward. One thing that found quite annoying was the decision to separate the CTL and ALT buttons (in the middle are FN and the Windows key). It’s quite cumbersome to do combo commands specially in Adobe Photoshop.

The backlighting has 3 brightness modes that is pretty useful in a dark environment. The keyboard also has a sensor that knows when you’re hovering your hand and ready to type that it turns on the backlight and off when you step away, which was quite cool.

Battery Life

Since this is a wireless keyboard powered by a built-in battery, battery life is important. You’ll also be using this for your tablet and phones on-the-go so there should be enough juice for you to use. Fortunately, the K810, on my own testing, has amazing battery life. Using the keyboard with backlighting off can probably last more than a month. Yes. I haven’t recharged it since I bought it and it’s still showing ‘Good’ on Setpoint after a couple of weeks already. Turning the backlight on will of course drain the battery faster.

This is just a comparison photo of the Microsoft Arc Keyboard, The Logitech K810 and Apple’s Wireless keyboard. The K810 seems too flat when compared to the Arc and Apple keyboard. It doesn’t have any adjustable nubs at the bottom back to adjust the level but a small piece of book or paper probably could work.


I would definitely recommend this keyboard if you’re looking for a portable, all-around, compact keyboard for your desktop, tablet or phone. It seamlessly works on the iPad and on the Android Nexus 4 and 7 without ever pairing again and again.

The performance and battery life of the K810 overshadows some of my issues with the plastic and glossy materials. The backlight is a nice addition to a very solid and well made keyboard. Definitely a recommend if you have the budget.

Logitech’s pricing of this is $99 but you can buy this for much lower on retail.

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