Top 10 Best Futuristic Watches Ever Built


This is the age of technology and almost every day we hear the news of new innovations. Almost all the electronic devices are being introduced to us with new stylish and futuristic look. Watches are not excluded from this and the functions of watches are no longer restricted in showing time only. Here are the 10 futuristic watch designs to grab the audience.

Read on to see the complete 10 Futuristic Smartwatches 


Watch Phone : Mobile phone is the only thing today that you see in the hands of almost every individual no matter if they are rich or poor. It is the ultimate necessity of everyone for communication. Many find it harassing to carry a separate mobile phone along with wallet and other necessary stuffs on pocket. Keeping this in mind to make it more mobile watch phones been made today so that people instead of carrying a mobile can make and receive calls using their watch.


Smart Watch: The latest craze for the people today is smart watch. After smartphones the companies shifted their eyes to smart watch which offers almost all the latest features of smartphones. These can be used as a phone as well as a device to share media and also to keep in touch with social networking. And as because of being a watch you can always see the time.

CST-01 E Ink Watch

CST-01 E Ink Watch: People love to carry things those are light and thin. For this reason almost all the big companies are trying to make their products to the thinnest possible size with minimum weight. CST-01 is one such watch which is just 0.8mm thick and it is the thinnest watch of the world today. It uses E ink to show the time.

Ventura Sparc

Ventura Sparc: Ventura Sparc MGS watch is the first LCD watch of the world. It won the 'Best of the best' Red Dot Design Award this year out of 4525 entries. The automatic digital display of the watch is micro-energy driven which is produced by wrist movement. This is a cool watch to wear and you can have all the functions of a watch and a digital calendar in this watch.

Ressence Type 3

Ressence Type 3: It is a high-tech watch having 57 jewel movements most of which are made of titanium. It is the only watch where a liquid with low refractive index been used on the dial for what the dial produces the illusion of being projected onto crystal sapphire surface.

Romain Jerome Spacecraft

Romain Jerome Spacecraft: This watch is designed by renowned watch makers- Wiederrecht and Eric Giroud. Creating and unusual shaped case containing equal unprecedented mechanical movement was the goal for the design of the watch.

ZIIIRO Celeste

Ziiiro Celeste: This watch comes with a very unique design where overlapping coloured disks have been used instead of forsake hands to tell the time. Overlapping oftransparent coloured disks creates various colour combinations.

Bangle Watch

Bangle Watch: Bangle watch is a bracelet watch designed for women. It features LED display and most importantly the minute and hour display of the watch have been separated to each end of the bracelet. This gives the watch a unique touch.

Tourbillon Black Hole

The Tourbillon Black hole: As the name indicates, this watch has been designed with the idea of black hole. A tourbillon is used in the center with three outer rings by which minutes and hours are represented while a transparent disk with white start like point was used for indicating seconds.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave: This watch comes with a whole new timekeeping system where it gets the time data from outer space. It synchronizes its time with satellites which are circling the globe 20000 km above earth. The numbers of satellites circling the globe are 24. Day, date and time are picked up by the watch through signals they receive from satellites.


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