Ubuntu Edge will run Android and Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu Edge is nearing its deadline to reach its $32 million goal on Indiegogo. This phone will run both UbuntuOS and Android (dualboot) and has very, very high-end specs for the price of $695. The Ubuntu Edge will not be available for retail and will be exclusively sold to Indiegogo backers.


Ubuntu Edge Specs:

  • OS: Dual-boots Android and Ubuntu mobile
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Display: 4.5 inches (720 x 1280) Sapphire Glass
  • Battery: Silicon-anode Li-ion

As of writing, it’s still short of $23 million to reach its goal so if you really like a very high-end, exclusively phone running Android and Ubuntu OS, head over to Indiegogo.com and back the project.

Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo

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