Lenovo N50 Wireless Mouse Quick Review

The Lenovo N50 is one sleek-looking mouse. It’s black and has that diamond-cut angular shape that resembles Batman’s Tumbler. It looks really cool.

This is a full-sized optical mouse that Lenovo is selling online at their Lenovo website, Best Buy and Amazon. It may look hard to use at first due to the sharp corners but it is actually quite comfortable to use for long periods, specially for those with larger hands.

The N50 connects via a nano receiver which can be stored inside the battery compartment when not in use.  It’s a 2.4Ghz wireless mouse that works above 10 meters from the receiver.

The scroll wheel has a very soft spin, the one you would feel from a generic mouse but it works without any problem - just a matter of taste I guess.

A single AA battery can last for up to a year which is amazing. Haven’t really tested it for that long but so far, the mouse has been working for over a month on a single battery. Battery is included already.

The mouse is a good mouse for basic tasks. What it lacks from the assortment of usual modern mice buttons (like the forward and back buttons) it makes up for its very nice looking design. The Lenovo N50 being sold for around $25 or 1,100 pesos.

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