PLDT MyDSL slowing down specially on torrent sites


Has your PLDT MyDSL connection been experiencing slow downloads since last week? You’re not alone.

A number of PLDT MyDSL users has been experiencing a slow down on some websites like Youtube, online gaming MMORPG and with downloading torrents.

It started first week of December and users were suspicious that PLDT were already throttling connections. A PLDT insider claimed that PLDT has indeed been limiting connections since December due to a problem with a submarine cable (again). This would help them control and distribute bandwidth to more subscribers as needed.

Operations are expected to return to normal by the first week of January. If their alibi of a broken submarine cable is true, they really haven’t been transparent enough to inform their subscribers to the real cause and the expected fix date.

I hope this is not a trial run or something by PLDT to try to have data caps on torrent downloads, or throttle connections to some data heavy websites. There will probably be a big backlash and exodus of customers if this is indeed true and permanent.

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