Review: Realook Screen Protector for Galaxy S4

Ever since owning a smartphone, I have never relied on those hard plastic screen protectors simply because my experience with them was not good. Following instructions very carefully, lint and bubbles are still always a nuisance on my installations.

I always chose the wet-install ones (similar to Zagg Shield) simply because I have the chance to repeat the process and realign the protector if I’m not satisfied with it the first time. The bubbles on these kind of protectors also tend to evaporate after a few hours.

Thankfully, Applewerkz Philippines sent me the Realook Screen Protector and I had another shot of trying it out on my bare Galaxy S4.

The Realook uses clear hard plastic with optical PET materials that blend very nicely on the device. It doesn’t seem to mess the touch screen controls and the overall display. I had no issues installing the screen protector this time by doing a trick that seemed to work perfectly - I placed a sticky pad (for in-car use) to hold the device while I carefully apply the protector.

Another nice feature of the Realook type of screen protector was that it is washable and reusable. Making a fatal mistake now was really out of the question.

The Realook screen protector, a Solid Leon model, came in a premium package. Inside included were a microfiber cloth, two pieces of screen protectors, tape for removing lint and a small Applewerkz sticker.

However, one thing that I didn’t like in this specific “solid” models was that the notification lights on the top left is now covered by the Leon graphic. I don’t think this issue affects the “clear” ones though but I think they should have made a special cutout similar to the ones on the bottom (menu and back button) to let the LED notification light shine through. It’s a small thing but has led me to miss some texts messages and email notifications.

Overall, I really like the ease of installation of the Realook comparing it from my past experiences with other name and no-name brands. It was definitely easier to put and the Leon graphic stood out and made my device seem new to look and touch again, specially now that it glides smoother compared to wet-install ones.

Thanks to Applewerkz for providing this review unit.


Applewerkz Inc. is a company that specializes in importation, distribution of retail cases and accessories for premium gadgets like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry and HTC. Due to soaring demand of exceptional accessories, the company took advantage of this opportunity and established a distribution channel in the country.

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