Spigen Slim Armor for Galaxy S4 Review

Spigen has been making various cases for Apple and Samsung product lines since 2004. I have been familiar with the brand due to the quality of their screen protectors at first but then recently have bought myself some of their cases as well.

Applewerkz Philippines was kind enough to send a Spigen case to review for my Galaxy S4. It’s the Slim Armor version. It retains the slim profile of your phone while adding support and protection for bumps and even light drops.

I have been using another Spigen case for a while – the Neo Hybrid, and found lots of compliments on the look, most of them saying that it looked liked an iPhone from afar but with a larger screen (using the white bumper). I like the quality of the cases themselves and the matte finish of the back side of the Neo Hybrid.

The Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S4 is specifically designed to protect the device at all angles. The TPU case features improved shock absorption on the top, bottom, and corners to effectively protect the Galaxy S4 from external impact. Slim Armor is double layered with a TPU case and a polycarbonate hard case to provide additional protection in a form-fitted design.


The Slim Armor comes in two-toned colors: Champagne Gold, Soul Black, Infinity White, Dodger Blue, Metal Slate and Crimson Red

The inner lining of the case is a soft silicon material that can absorb shock and protect the device it holds. I like the premium silicon type used by Spigen as it’s the hard matte type that doesn’t attract dusts easily. The ports and openings are also accurate with no issues on the IR blaster on top and the speaker at the back.

However, I occasionally find Slim Armor’s back polycarbonate shell too slippery and fingerprint-magnet for my taste. The glossy finish does add a different appeal to a somewhat boring case, but I would have preferred if Spigen also had the option of matte finishes for the shell. I often find mine with oil smudges from my fingers and dust particles which messes up the look.

One thing that I like about this case is that wireless charging is still working on my Tylt charger. I would’ve thought that the thick case would make the wireless charging pad useless but it still works.

Comparing the Spigen Neo Hybrid and Slim Armor, I would prefer the shape of the Slim Armor as it  has the natural curves of the Galaxy S4 and is slimmer and feel studier than the Neo Hybrid (I had a black bumper broken easily). I definitely would recommend this case at any color of your liking. The white one looks pretty nice with my white S4.

Thanks to Applewerkz for providing this review unit.


Applewerkz Inc. is a company that specializes in importation, distribution of retail cases and accessories for premium gadgets like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry and HTC. Due to soaring demand of exceptional accessories, the company took advantage of this opportunity and established a distribution channel in the country.


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