Where to buy Pebble Smartwatch in Philippines

Many have expressed their interest on Pebble Smartwatches recently, possibly due to the boom on wearables this year, and have been asking where to buy one locally. I usually just answered “getpebble.com” since that’s the most ‘direct and safest’ place to buy it.

But that might not be the case for everyone not willing to wait and pay the mysterious custom tax when it arrives here in the Philippines so here are other ‘local’ options on how to order your very own Pebble Smartwatch.



Lazada has a wide variety of Pebble watches on sale. They have different colors at different prices so use your buyer’s instinct and get the better deal. If you’d like to get the Pebble Steel, they also have it listed there. The lowest priced Pebble being sold is the black version which costs 6,958 pesos.


Kim Store

Another place to get your Pebble watch is Kim Store. They only seem to have the color White and Red on stock and they are priced cheaper than the rest at 6,500 pesos with 3 months warranty. Kim Store has been tried and tested by its gadget-buying patrons through the years so safe to say that you can trust this online seller.



TipidPC is an online classifieds site for computers and electronics. Safe to say that you can find online sellers selling brand new or second hand Pebble watches here. Search for the keyword ‘Pebble” on the ‘Items for Sale’ and see if anything comes up.

But just a word of caution, check feedbacks and if possible buy and pay in person if you want to be on the safe side. (Personally, I deal via shipping items I sell myself but some people are just uneasy with our kind of sellers.)

Other Online Classified Sites

Olx.ph is a good place to start with your Pebble hunting. Just proceed with caution. Remember that if it seems good to be sure, it must be just that.

Good luck with your Pebble Watch Hunt! :)  Feel free to join in the Pebble + Smartwatches Philippine Facebook Fan Page anytime!

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