Gwee Microfiber Cleaning Products Review

If you’ve been using a smartphone or tablet then chances are you’ve already encountered a situation when your device’s display is all dirty and full of fingerprint smudges. I have, and while I do carry a microfiber cleaning cloth most of the time because I wear glasses, most would just use an ordinary table napkin, tissue or even their own shirt to wipe it off. The chances of making small scratches from fine debris stuck on tissues or clothing material is a big possibility.

Enter Gwee’s line of microfiber cleaning products. Gwee manufactures and sells very specific items to clean glasses and screen displays. They just sent a bunch of nifty microfiber cleaning products to test out. So here’s my impression on them.

The Guppy Sport is a multi-purpose cleaning cloth because of the included magnets. It can coil an earphone or even a wad of cash. It can also attach to one’s clothing making it the ideal clip-on cord organizer.  This is a good basic cleaner that’s also perfect for cleaning glasses.

The Gwee Leaf’s main use is that it attaches conveniently to your laptop or monitor’s already embedded magnets. I have tried it on my huge 27” inch Dell workstation and true - it sticks, ready to use. Again, the magnets make all the difference.

This is the Gwee Button. It’s a circular coin-shaped cleaner that has a magnetic flap that serves as it’s holder. I tried this one on my phone but unfortunately, the microfiber had some sharp edges protruding that it left a mark on my screen protector.

The Gwee Keyring is specifically meant to be used as a keychain. Great for on-the-go cleaning. Would definitely use this on my keychain :)

Among the Gwee items sent to me, the Gwee Racer is my favorite. I like that it has its own holder and can be mounted anywhere with the provided double-sided tape. I really find this useful cleaning my large displays. it does it easily and conveniently stick to the side when not in use. It also comes with 4 extra cloth replacement stickers.


These Gwee magnet microfiber cleaning products are very useful and unique on its own. I personally have a use for each and every product above and it’s a nice addition to my cleaning arsenal.

However, the Gwee line of products addresses a very specific niche concern that not everyone are willing to spend money on. That could be one barrier for mass adoption.

Gwee must also ensure that the cloth and cleaner are being manufactured and installed properly. Items should be quality-checked for any imperfections because based on my experience and handling on the Gwee Button, I did encounter some sharp ‘extras’ underneath the microfiber cloth. It shouldn’t be present on something I would wipe around my screen.

Overall, I like this product for it’s simple purpose of cleaning smudgy displays. The magnets are really an ingenious and obvious addition that I wish I had thought of.

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