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ZUS is an awesome smart car charger than can help you charge and even locate your car. I'm excited to try this soon and will give a full review of it as soon as I receive mine. In the mean time, watch the product video reel and read the full press release below:

ZUS Car Finder Becomes An Essential Gadget for 2016 Summer Road Trips

March 1, 2016 (Palo Alto, CA) – Imagine a USB car charger that also serves as a trusty car finder! This is what nonda has created with its stealth ZUS Car Finder - a must-have for road trips. While there isn’t much sex appeal in a USB car charger, ZUS is sure to peak anyone’s interest with its multi-faceted features that offer smart solutions to road trippers and road warriors.

The ZUS Car Finder, an already super-charged double USB charger, charges up to two devices (phones or tablets) twice as fast as normal car chargers. It also helps owners find their car through its compatible application available through iOS and Android. This quick charge technology is a great feature when traveling with friends and family. Kids can keep their tablets charged up, while mom and dad don’t have to fight over who has enough juice to turn on their GPS.

With the ZUS’ Car Finder application, users can quickly find their car by simply opening the app and checking the compass or mapping function to locate their vehicle. ZUS will guide them straight to their car for one less thing to worry about. The best part? ZUS is portable and transferable from car to car, so if you are flying to a new city and renting an unfamiliar car, just bring ZUS along to save yourself time in trying to find your rental.

The ZUS Car Finder application offers several additional features including: share-your-location, a map view alongside ZUS’ vehicle compass, and a parking timer. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who has a busy lifestyle. Zus’ MSRP is $49.99 USD, but is currently on sale at www.nonda.co or on www.Amazon.com for $35.99 USD.

With it’s sleek design, the ZUS Car Charger is not only beautiful, but functional. Recent winner of a 2016 IF Design award, ZUS is the only Military Grade Quality car charger able to withstand temperatures as high as 100°C. Designed in Germany, ZUS is made up of German Bayer Material with titanium coating. The ElegantShineÔ Lighting System, accentuates ZUS’ design by providing beautifully subtle lighting for night drivers. For more information, visit www.nonda.co.

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