Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pebble 2 and Time 2 Introduced + Pricing


Pebble just revealed on Kickstarter what they have been teasing yesterday. They have just dropped the All-new Pebble 2 and Time 2 plus the tiny Pebble Core.


The Pebble 2 and Time 2 now supports a built-in 24 hour heart rate monitor with activity and sleep tracking. Battery life on the Pebble 2 is still 7 days while the Time 2 is being bump to 10 days.

Pebble Core is a small device that connects via 3G and serves as a standalone device that can stream Spotify, track location, send out emergency SMS and syncs with other apps and even the Pebble 2 and Time 2. Battery life is up to 5.5 hours using music and GPS at that. It has built in 3G, Wifi and bluetooth connectivity.

The Pebble 2 is currently going to retail at $99 while the Time 2 will sell for $199. Both will be available later this year.

The Pebble core will sell for $99 on retail starting January 2017.

To save and get your spot early, you can now back Pebble on Kickstarter.

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