Review: WHOOSH! Screen Shine

I normally don’t buy any cleaner solution for any device, more so for my prescription glasses. I just use what’s available like the hem of a shirt or a handy microfiber cloth. Of course, that is not the most professional way of doing it since I just tend to move around the grease marks or make the smudges even worse.

The WHOOSH! Screen Shine is a non-toxic cleaner designed to clean and remove any traces of germs and bacteria on any display. Studies have shown that phones are 10x dirtier than a public toilet seat (that’s really disturbing) so taking that extra precaution may be necessary if you’re conscious about cleanliness.

Bonus thing it does is that it also makes the device less prone to fingerprints and make it look new again due to formula protecting the display with a “nano-thin” coating.

The WHOOSH! package comes in 2 sizes. One 100ml bottle that is to be used on your home or office and another smaller 8ml which is very portable to bring on your bag. The spray is non-toxic and odorless so no need to worry that it would damage your display. It doesn’t have any alcohol or ammonia content.

The package also includes 2 microfiber clothes. One is for application and the other is for wiping clean and buffing the screen.

I tired WHOOSH! on various devices like my phone, Surface Pro tablet, iPad Mini, huge 27” touch monitor screen and all of them easily got their greases removed and had their sheen back.

However, while the device was less prone to more greasy fingerprints than usual, it still registered some streaks of my sweaty and oily fingers. It did however reduce it and made wiping using the micro fiber cloth easier and minimal than before so that’s great.

The WHOOSH! DUO is at Php1,090. The price may not be ‘cheap’ to some but for people looking to have a cleaner and easier to manage screens, this might just do the job.

For more information, you can visit It will be available soon at Abenson’s, Electroworld and Power Mac Center. Thanks to WHOOSH! Philippines for sending me this sample.

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