Fitbit to buy Pebble for $40 million?

Rumor has been circulating just a few hours ago that Fitbit is already on late talks for its acquisition of Pebble (assuming it hasn’t happen yet). I don’t know if this is a great news for Pebble owners like me since Fitbit’s goal is purportedly to drop the brand altogether and just get the technology and IP behind the products. But this may be the only way to save the actual company itself from going bankrupt.

Pebble’s new watches Pebble 2 has already been released for a few weeks already while the Time 2 with Heart Rate has been delayed to release until next year. Reasons for that is unknown but we could presume money is really tight that they decided to sell for such a low amount.

As you can see on the photo above, I’m a big fan of Pebble watches. Why? Because I like the simple nature of their products (controls and notifications) and how their hardware looks (small and thin smartwatches)

If only Android Wear watches can last 3 days on a single charge or even come in a slimmer hardware casing, I would be fine with switching. But as of now, only Pebble  have a these important features that I am looking for in a smartwatch.

With the transition, I hope Fitbit would preserve the PebbleOS. It is a mature OS with already a few set of well created watch faces and apps. It would be a waste to discard it in favor of Fitbit’s own mess of an app.

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