Review: Leef iBridge 3

I am a pure Android user for many years now, and one of the reason is that iOS devices are just limiting in terms of storage space. Android phones support MicroSD cards of up to 256GB (right now, I have 128GB on my Note 4) and these expandable storage options were just not available on iPhones and iPads – getting the higher capacity model means forking stupendous amount to Apple I don’t think is fair.

This Leef iBridge 3 is taking leverage on the lack of storage upgrade options and offers up to 256GB of extended storage on-the-go. I had the opportunity to try one out and here’s my take on it.

The Leef Bridge 3 is the successor of the older Leef Bridge model. The primary function of this device is to allow quick transfer of documents, photos, files from your phone to your computer.

The build quality of the Bridge 3 is solid. It also has a silicon case which you can tether to your keychain so you always have a way to pull off and backup your data on the fly. It is USB 3.0 already so you gain advantage on copy and transfer speed specially on large files.

This is the Leef Bridge 3 plugged on an iPad Mini 4. If you plugged it the first time before downloading the required app, It will display a message and then automatically open the App Store on the app itself. So, there’s little room for confusion here.

The curve design allows the dongle to hug the back of the device easily avoiding any protruding thing sticking out of your phone or tablet, which just doesn’t look good, but an accident waiting to happen.

The magic of the Leef Bridge 3 is on the software it runs on. It has a free app on the App Store that allows you to read files, copy and backup photos and also use the storage space as you shoot photos and record videos in real-time. So those HD 4K videos will directly go here instead of filing up your precious phone’s storage. I think this is one of the best feature of Bridge 3.

There is also an auto backup system that you can set that when you plug your iBridge 3, it would automatically backup all your photos and contacts. You can’t be too sure these days specially when you get your phone stolen or lost.

One thing that I don’t like on the iOS ecosystem is that everything ‘needs’ iTunes. If I want to copy a music, a file, or photo to the device, I would need iTunes, If I want to download that very same file, I would need iTunes (discounting other wireless transfer methods) so the Bridge 3 is a very quick solution to pull out and upload and files to and from the device and just plug it on your preferred machine. Really convenient.

The Leef iBridge is already being sold in the Philippines. You can check it out at Leef MOA Cyberzone, Rapha's Gear ATC and Glorietta 2, Power Mac Center, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, and Switch Stores.

SRP for models: 16GB – 2,800 / 32GB – 3,800 / 64GB – 5,200 / 128GB – 7,800

For more information, you can visit

Thanks to Cascos Inc, for sending the Leef iBridge 3 used for this review.

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