Saturday, June 10, 2017

Where to buy cheap USB Type-C Cable

I just bought a couple of nice, quality-looking USB Type-C Cables at Miniso in SM North Edsa Annex. They are selling 1.0meter cable, with 2.1A for 99 pesos.

Miniso is like the 88-peso store Daiso but markets itself as some sort of designer Japanese store – like selling carefully curated items, more on minimalist style like Muji but cheaper.

I have read a couple of not-so-good reviews online about cheap china-made Type-C cables, some even from Daiso and Miniso but I just decided to buy one to test it out. So far everything works perfectly. Syncing and charging are normal. Up to you to believe the “Safe and Secure” line on the box. But keep in mind, you get what you pay for – just be extra careful with these cheap cables and they’ll last long.

So if ever you’re in the hunt for cheap Type-C cables for your Android devices, try checking out Miniso. They have white, mint green, purple, and pink color options.

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