Update your Xiaomi Walkie Talkie to English Language Version

I have quite a number of Xiaomi devices from their Mijia 360 CCTV camera, Wireless repeater to their selfie sticks – but one problem of Xiaomi is that most of their devices are geared to Mainland China users and only comes in Chinese language.

I got this Xiaomi Mijia Walkie Talkie recently and even though it’s in Chinese, the device is just solid as all Xiaomi-made products and performs really well. Good thing there’s a workaround to install and English firmware on this device. Just follow this step-by-step below:

How to update your Xiaomi Mijia Wakie Talkie to English language


1. Install My PTT app

For Android: You will need to download the My PTT app from the Mi App Store: https://app.mi.com/details?id=com.ifengyu.intercom and install the apk file to your phone. (Set your Android phone to allow installation from 3rd party sources)

For iOS users: Download the My PTT app on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/%E7%B1%B3%E5%AE%B6%E5%AF%B9%E8%AE%B2%E6%9C%BA/id1193096369?mt=8

2. Pair your Walkie Talkie and My PTT app

Once installed, turn on your walkie talkie and then start the app. The app should discover your device and then ask you to create a Mi account – create one if you don’t have one yet. (If your phone in on a different language, temporarily switch it to English – because the app will follow the language of the OS – You can switch it back to your language after.)


3. Check and Update Firmware

Go to the SETTINGS icon and select FIRMWARE UPDATE. From there the app will check online and update your device via Bluetooth connection.


4. That’s it!

The device will restart and show an English version from now on. You can now also delete the My PTT app if you want to.


Comment if these steps does work for you. Goodluck!

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