Sam Altman, Will He Go Back to OpenAI or Move On to Microsoft? (Update: He went back)

Microsoft Extends Partnership with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI in a 'multibillion dollar’ Deal ...

So the deadline has passed, The board did not resign en masse, majority of employees sent a demand letter for all the board to resign and reinstate Altman, The qestion remains - Will he go back to OpenAI, where he was fired by the board or will he join Microsoft, the tech giant that has 49% share of OpenAI?

Satya Nadella may have prematurely announced Sam Altman’s hiring and the creating of Microsoft AI Research Division, Sam Altman being the CEO, together with his partner an Chairman at OpenAI Greg Brockman.

It seems the negotiations are still continuing with Sam Altman coming back to OpenAI. We’ll probably know in a matter of days (at the rate stuff is going on right now).

The employee letter going around has more than 700+ employees signing up, and threatening to quit.

One notable signatories is Ilya Sutskever, one of the board member who was rumored to have ignited this issue in the first place. He’s also considered as one of the top AI engineer in his field today.

In any case Microsoft is on a win-win scenario here. If the board resists to resign, Sam and a bulk of OpenAI employees would surely join his exodus to Microsoft – and if he decides to stay, Microsoft $10 billion commitment still stands.


Update 11/22/2023 : Sam Altman is back as CEO on OpenAI

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