Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Philippine-Based Global Sky to support a Wifi (Zune?) Phone from Microsoft

UPDATE!!!: Rumor Smashed: Philippine Call Center Not Awarded Zune Contract

We inquired with Global Sky and they said their support is actually for the “One Follow Me” service from Microsoft that lets overseas workers communicate cheaply with their families back home. Microsoft themselves also said there have been no formal announcements about anything to do with Zune phones.”

- taken from Gizmodo

The Philippine-based call center Global Sky issued a press release indicating they were selected to support a new Wi-Fi enabled phone under develoment by Microsoft:

"Microsoft recently awarded Global Sky - a Manila-based call center outsourcing company, the task of providing customer service and research support for their latest project: the launching of a mobile phone device that operates anywhere users can get Wi-Fi access. ...

Microsoft has selected Global Sky, one of only two approved Microsoft call center vendors in the Philippines to spearhead the customer support and product researching efforts. Global Sky must answer customer queries and get detailed information that will help Microsoft further evolve this concept. If the concept works, Microsoft may make it accessible to the 95 million+ overseas workers worldwide and even make it available to businesses worldwide as a way to cut cell phone bills or ensure reliable & private communications. Microsoft partners are pleased with the way the project has been handled so far and have assured Global Sky of ongoing relations as they evolve this concept."

Athough there were no specifics on what the device actually is, or whether it really is the Zune phone (CrunchGear reported that a Zune Phone is indeed in the works, while Zune Team, Cesar Mendez's, downplays the rumor). We will just have to wait for more concrete evidence on whether the Zune Phone does exist or is just a fiction of our imagination. :)

Source: ZuneScene

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