New Zune TV Commercial

Video: Zune TV Spot


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  1. hi there! the commercial is very very fantastic... hehehe.. i hope they would still release new firmwares with new features and stuff's... =)

  2. Yeah, there are new zunes coming up possibly on June 1st. It will be my next post. It's nice to see Microsoft promoting the features of Zune rather than the first commercial that showed nothing of the device itslef but MORE indie guys...

  3. yah.. it's very nice to see that... i hope that new firmware 2.14 thingy is not a hoax... anyways, where do u live at in the philippines?

  4. where did u get ur template? cuz im planning to reopen my website with free filipino mp3 dl's on it, and i was hoping to also promote zune in that page...

  5. Hi Jed! :)

    For ZunePH's template, I modified it is based from the template Minima..

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