Upcoming Zune 2.5 update

Tried checking for updates today, but still showing the message that my zune is up to date. I'll try again later this afternoon.

UPDATE: Gizmodo says that the update should go live somewhere between 10PM PDT and 4AM PDT tomorrow.

New features:

  • TV show downloads on Zune Marketplace
  • Zune card integration! *cool! 
  • Gapless playback
  • improved syncing controls
  • meta data editing,
  • auto playlists
  • and other tweaks have been included.

- Read more on Engadget and Channel8

Zune 2.5 Software Release... now with more Social


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  1. waw! i wanna do the upgrade and install games.. kaso scary. i love my zuney :) i wont risk anything just to keep it safe .. ehehe

  2. ehehe..ako din, at first I did not want to try installing games, but when xna officially it, i had to test it out.


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