How many plays do you have on your zune social?

As of now, I have 397 plays. Only 397 plays to date... Below are the reasons why I think my actual "plays" weren't being counted.

Unrecognized Songs/Artist/Album

I rarely do listen to any mp3 songs and if I do, they're OPM (Original Pinoy Music)songs (yeah.. OPM, I know..) I don't think OPM songs get registered as plays albeit some do like Lea Salonga and some other famous ones.



I'm a fan of audiobooks, not zune-supported Audible files, but just mp3 files (makes "shuffle all" a tedious task since I have to often click next whenever the next track would be an audiobook file.)

It's a good thing that audiobooks were 'invented'. I don't have to worry about getting motion-sickness from reading while inside a moving car. Another thing is, with audiobooks, you can listen to it even if the lights are all out. Ideal for places where you don't want to disturb people by turning on a lamp just to read a book.

I have audiobooks on fiction novels like Neil Gaiman, David Morrell, Dan Brown. Self-help topics from authors like Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and not to mention, Dr. Phil :). I just enjoy listening to speech and information than music sometimes.

For a change of music tracks, I turn on the radio, they have lots of good ones playing there, especially Mellow 94.7. Podcasts

Also a fan of podcasts since it came with the software update. I always download and listen to audio podcasts from TWiT, CrankyGeeks by Dvorak and some NPR feeds. I also put the large screen of the zune to good use by downloading video podcasts from National Geographic,, Tekzilla, and some G4TV podcasts like Attack of the Show, The Feed and Around the Net. Just started subscribing to Budget Traveler by Arthur Frommers.

Clips and videos

Video files like youtube clips, trailers, full-length movies, don't count as plays but it's understandable as they are videos, and the zune social is more on music.

How about you, how many plays have you got on your zune social tag? Does it really reflect your usage of your zune?

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