Local Zune seller with competitive prices for all zunes

As of publish time, zunes are ONLY OFFICIALLY available within the USA. I said "officially", because like the USA-only iPhone, the zune is also enjoying users from all around the world.

Ruthie Arroyo, a visitor of this blog has just started selling zunes locally.

For those interested in getting their own, without having to ask someone abroad to buy one for you or having to deal with zero warranty at all (she has 1 week personal guarantee), then this is your best route. I'll paste here her ad for those interested. :)

Just a note, the seller and this blog is not affiliated whatsoever, I'm just posting this for those who've been emailing me and inquiring on where to get their zunes, well this is your chance to get one at very good price! Good luck zune buying!

Zune Buyer information by Ruthie

Zune 4GB : P6,000
Zune 8GB : P7,300
Zune 30GB: P7,500
Zune 80GB : P12,000
Zune 120GB: P13,500
    • USB sync cable, and headphones included. [All that comes in the box! :) ]
    • We don't stock-up on the 80gb, so if you want one, contact me so I can order one for you. At least one week personal warranty is also given.
    • Used but in good condition Zunes can also be negotiated :)
    • Currently, we don't sell any accessories (silicon cases, car charger, wall charger, premium earbuds, etc). But we'll probably sell some soon!

We can do meet-ups in Katipunan area, Gateway, or any LRT station if you live in Manila area. If you don't, we can also ship it through Air21, shipping at your expense.

As for the payment, bank deposit is preferred. We're considering GCash but we haven't had the time to inquire about it yet so as for now, bank deposit muna. Also, we require atleast 15% (of total amount) security deposit.

Seeing all the overpriced Zunes in TipidPC, eBay.ph, and Multiply, me and my partner decided to venture into this buy and sell business pledging to always give fair prices and the good deals, if not best. Ripping off customers is not our thing

If you have any more questions (or if I failed to mention any crucial information here), feel free to email me. You may also text me at 0917-5582740 or my partner (Joey) at 0927-6244461 / 0922-30330374, but the email is still the best way to contact me [ruthiemaria@yahoo.com]

Update: Just want to let you know that we've created a multiply site:
http://zpilipinas.multiply.com. Still working on getting more accessories! :)


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  1. Thanks again, Roman! :) I'll keep you posted regarding any changes or upgrades :)

  2. ay sayang.. i need pa naman th accessories. pero i'll check it out. thanks for the info!

  3. Sana mas dumami pa ang pinoy ZUNErs! Nakakatawa talaga yung presyo nung ibang nagbebenta sa ebay.ph saka sa multiply. Bili na kayo para dumami pa tayo at sana magkaroon ng EB ang pinoy ZUNErs!

  4. oo, some are even selling used at brand new prices!

  5. is this brand new?sealed on box?interested buyer here?is this your last price?

  6. ako din interested bumili,. brand new ba to? thanks reply asap...

  7. where am i suppose to email you??

  8. kindly read post above...she left here email and mobiel number. It's best to contact her directly.

    Just a note, the seller and this blog is not affiliated whatsoever, I'm just posting this for those who've been emailing me and inquiring on where to get their zunes

  9. Hi! I'm also interested in buying a Zune but like jay, I cant seem to find Ruthie's email address in this post. Where is it exactly? Thanks!

  10. sorry about that, ithought her e-mail was included in the post (just copied and pasted it here)

    pasensya na..updated the entry with her email address. thanks!

    email Ruthie Arroyo at ruthiemaria@yahoo.com

    after successfulyl receiving your zune from her, you can drop by and leave a comment on your buying experience :) that would help future interested buyers..

  11. Ramon Lopez, now a fellow zuner, has shared a feedback ---

    "Hi dude,Id just like to thank you for the great site. It gave me my new zune. Pls give my thanks to Ms Ruthie. Yun lang pards ang problema kelangan bank deposit. Baka ung mga iba di agad magtiwala pero okay ka-deal ung kaibigan mo. Thanks sa pagpost ng info nya.
    Keep up the good work sir.

    - Ramon

    See his brand new Zune

    *ZunePH is in no way related or has any connection with Ms. Ruthie

  12. hey guys, im jay!

    i just got my zune80gb this last two weeks, i think.. thanks to this site and to those whom ive made the deal... aus ka deal to mga pre! more powers and good luck! :D

  13. Bought my Zune 80gb from Ms.Ruthie here...got it as a bday present for myself..it was ultimate.....yippeee..at first i was in doubt about the whole thing...but dis guys are great...i mean fantastic..deposited the dwnpayment...after a week...made the deal conveniently for me all in one day and got the Zune...coz i have to go back to Bacolod d next day..just like that..done deal....i admire what u did guys...muchas gracias a todo....SALUD!!!!!

    from Negros....

  14. Thanks too, to Roman for this amazing site....keep it up


  15. Thanks also Jay and Chris for giving your feedback! :) I hope she'll sell accessories soon!

    thanks for visiting the blog guys! I appreciate the kind words :)

  16. ey this is great news indeed (I won't have to visit the US anymore hehehe)

  17. Since there's a demand, you could still go to the USA, but remember to take some back and sell them here..ehehe! cheaper of course :)

  18. lucky me!! woot! woot!

  19. much better than my previous ipod

  20. Are there any battery problems with the Zune? I bought an iPod and in more or less 10months mahina na ang charge ng batt kahit na I take good care of it naman and follow Apple's charging tips. Kumusta naman ang sa Zune? Thanks! -ysab

  21. The battery life is okay, not the best there is, but it's not bad depending on what you do on your Zune. Video Playback and FM tend to drain batteries the most.

    Lithium Ion batteries are typically like that, like most cellphones and laptop batteries are.

    Zune 80
    * Audio: up to 30 hours
    * Video: up to 4 hours

    Zune 8 and 4
    * Audio: up to 24 hours
    * Video: up to 4 hours

    -taken from engadget


  22. hi.. can i ask? how may colors does the zune has?


    Pwede bang walang downpayment.. but sure buyer.. nakakatakot baka ma scam eh.. mabuti nang nagiingat.. dto lang ako sa Q.C.

  23. View Link for colors:
    Zune80, zune8 and zune4 colors

    I don't think this is a scam since some commenters here already bought their zune from this person.

    You may also text her at 0917-5582740 or email at ruthiemaria@yahoo.com.

  24. NO.. not that color.. the screen color.. creative have 16.7million colors.. e2 kaya ilan??

    Anu kaylangan para makaorder kay ruth??


  25. Thanks, Roman! I'll probably purchase one na.

    @saber: Email her directly and ask. She responds pretty fast and is very accommodating.


  26. Roman ilang colors?? Alam mo na ba?? Sabihin mo sakin kapag alam mo na ah..

    Maganda rin ba A/V output nito?? Kailagan ko kasi yung may A/V output na maganda..

    Gusto ko sana ng 80gb eh.. pero titignan ko kung may bagong features yung 120gb baka yun n lng bilin ko..


    Bumili ka?? Magkano yung downpayment??

  27. Easy ka lang Saber baka atakihin ka sa puso.

    Bat kaya di mo na lang itanong sa kanya? :)

  28. Hehehe..

    Hindi ko pa sya kinokontak eh..

    Kulang pa pera ko :p


    Magkano ba hiningi sau??

  29. discontinued na yata ang zune 80 pero good news yun 120 gb same price lang ng zune 80

  30. oo nga.. same price lang nga yun 80gb sa 120gb

    wait ko na lang yun 120 =)

    tingin ko may mga bagong features..

    sana may EQ na..


    Cheers =)

  31. I want to own zune too! pero ipon muna ako. hehe. wait ko na din yung 120 gb.

  32. ako i dont care sa equalizer! maganda naman sound quality ng zune hehehe pero nabasa ko dito http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10034897-1.html?tag=mncol;posts

    yun remaining zune like 80 baka mag slash ng price sana yun zune 80 150 na lang hehe

  33. Hello! :) To all curious cats: yes we're still in business! If you're interested or if you have any questions, please EMAIL ME at ruthiemaria at yahoo dot com. Roman and I are not affiliated so please contact me directly. All inquiries are welcome!

    To Roman: Salamat uli! :) we have some changes in our terms but our prices remain the same (except for the 30gb--it is unbelievably so hard to find a less expensive zune30). Will just email you. Thanks a lot! :)

  34. ito pala feature ng new update


    o Slightly new software interface
    + New album view (picture)
    o This release is focused around discovery and discovery of new content
    + Mixview (picture) – pulls similar albums from the marketplace and the Zune social
    # See what friends are listening to
    # Play and listen to songs through mixview
    o Now Playing enhanced (pictures)
    + Mixview is accessible through now playing
    + Pulls info from marketplace backend
    o New Search (Picture)
    + Close spelling results
    + Better drill down features
    o Cart now separated from inbox
    o Social
    + Edit profile within software
    + See your badges within the software
    + Remove friends within software
    o Follow Artists with tour dates from an Artists main page
    + Channels/Picks
    # Subscribe to dynamic playlists
    * New Releases For Me (releases based on artists you listen to)
    # Song updates can occur via wi-fi
    # Currently music only (no video or podcast integfration)
    # Personal Channel Recommendations - based on ratings and listening preferences (not simply the songs you download)
    # Works with Zune Pass
    # Recommends friends with similar listening preferences
    + Settings
    # Remove a monitored folder includes the option to remove content as well
    # Show duplicates (that’s why the Zune software was not showing all my tracks.)
    # Show now playing while idle software
    # Account summary page
    * Buy points
    * Buy Zune Pass
    o Option to remove Zune Pass content once subscription is canceled

    A Blue Zune 8 with the wifi marketplace.

    Device Land:

    o Rate songs on an individual user basis
    o Rate songs in the marketplace
    o Manual Sync Option (Picture) – Anything on your Zune now stays on your Zune while linked with your PC (option available in Zune Software Settings).
    o Ability to only view content from synced in guest sync process
    o Zune 80 and Zune 4 are only available in the retail channel now (they've been discontinued)

    Zune.net Social:

    o Not Beta anymore
    o You can use the word ‘Zune’ in your status (‘windows’ and ‘xbox’ are other allowed words – there are more available words you have to ind them)
    o Three design themes
    + Zune.net site rediesgn
    + Response from user feedback
    + Infrastructure improvements

    o Ability to opt out of preloaded friends now known as ZuneInsiders
    o Social Notification preferences
    + Emails about
    # Inbox messages
    # Friend requests
    # Badges
    # Comment on ‘my profile’
    # Recent friends activities
    o Redesigned profile page
    + All time stats (yeah they have all your info)
    + All time badge stats
    # 200
    # 1000
    # 5000
    o Better integration with other social sites
    o Redesigned ‘my social’ page
    o New forum badges
    o New levels for reviews badges
    o New artist page (picture)
    + Shares (times a song has been shared)
    + Favs (based on individual songs)
    + Top listeners
    + More visual layout
    + Less flash(faster loads)
    o Multi-line signatures return


    o Buy from FM (picture)
    + Needs both lines of RDS
    + Zune 3.0 Supports RT+ streaming data
    o Wi-fi Marketplace is here (picture, picture)
    + Currently Music only, no videos or podcasts
    + Device now has an on screen keyboard with marketplace (picture)
    # Currently only for searching the marketplace and entering router passwords
    + Streaming from cart
    + Audio books are here
    + You can play music while browsing
    # Be your own DJ by streaming Zune content and searching the next track to play
    o The main screen is content dependent, if you don’t have podcasts, the podcasts option will not show up, same thing with audiobooks and games
    o Screen lock (in the device settings screen)
    + prevents your Zune (with Zune pass) from being used to buy tracks via the wifi marketplace if lost or stolen
    o Games
    + Two Shipping games
    # Hexic (picture)
    # Texas Hold ‘em (picture)
    + Exiting a game doesn’t cause your Zune to restart
    + Zune-to-Zune gaming isn’t ready
    + Community games still need the CTP and Visual Studio to be synced with Zune
    o Quicklist is gone, now playing takes its place
    o Channels can be synced to the device
    + If there are no channels on your device that option won’t show up under the music heading
    o Ability to connect to and remember multiple networks
    + 10 spots on your known networks list
    o Ability to update channels and friend’s cards from the device
    o Exiting a game doesn’t cause your Zune to restart
    o ~2-3 hours streaming from wi-fi on Zune80’s

    september irerelease all zune devices supported

  35. ruthie is great seller i guarantee that. i bought my 80 gig zune from her. nice seller, keep bringing the zune's here in PH....kill the the ipod craze..

  36. You can trust these guys (Ruthie and Joey). Definitely NOT A SCAM.

    I bought my 120gb zune from them, medyo natagalan nga lang since ako daw yun unang kumuha nitong ganitong model.

    I have the item with me already, it's so hard to fill up, 100gb more to go! LOL

  37. Great seller. I bought a zune80 with a dead pixel and it was replaced after a few weeks. Now I don't have any complains with it :)

  38. For those interested in purchasing a BRAND NEW SEALED Microsoft Zune 120 GB Video MP3 Player Glossy Black, tignan niyo na lang po ang item ko sa eBay.

    Bale meron na po kasama silicone skin, screen protector, and armband.

    Ang starting bid po ay PHP 13,995.00. Mura na po yan considering na mahirap hagilapin sa Pilipinas at newly released product.

    Ang kagandahan po rito ay nasa Pilipinas na yung item. Yung iba po kasi pre-order basis pa at matatagalan bago makarating sa Pilipinas.

  39. Hi guys, magkano na ba ngayon ang mga zunes ni ms ruthie? 80gb and 120? sa mga nakabili na.. thanks :)

  40. 80gb is 12,000 and 120gb is 13,500. she had a sale a few months(???)ago the 80gb was just 11,500.

  41. Congratulations to everyone who got new Zunes!! Woohoo. I hope the increasing demand for Zunes here will make someone decide to sell some accessories. :D

  42. Hi Roman! Just want to let you know that we've created a multiply site:


    I know it's a bit biased cos not all have multiply accts but it's the only site I know that is user friendly to non-html pros like me haha. Hope we can move somewhere better :D Anyway, still working on getting more accessories! :)


  43. that's cool ruthie! :) give us a heads up when you are selling accessories na ah ;) more power to your biz!

  44. I bought a zune 120 gb from zpilipinas.multiply.com. and man, zune rocks! Thank you so much ruthie, joey for the deal. will buy accessories soon!

    thanks to this site also! more power!

  45. Thanks Thor! Congrats on your purchase!

  46. Hi ROM i already deposited to your acct. the payment for my order Zune USB cable. till when ko intayin yung item. the address was emailed/texted to you.


  47. oops mali... sorry

    Hi Ms. Ruthie,

    i already deposited to your Partner (Joseph)acct. the payment for my order Zune USB cable. till when ko intayin yung item. the address was emailed/texted to you.


  48. Pakiusap lang mga mare't pare :) Please, please, please send me your messages directly regarding transactions. Please. We have our own multiply site and blog site, my email address is posted here, please respect Roman and his blog. Nakakahiya lang sa kanya.

    Raymond, I've texted, emailed, PMed, YMed you. Thank you.

  49. Accesories1!!! dumadami na mga zuners!!

  50. Hi Ms Ruthie,

    sorry kung mejo excited lang me to email you!!.

    just want you to know nareceive ko na yung order ko.... Many thanks and more power to you GUys...

    Good luck.

  51. Patty Arroyo14/7/09 2:12 PM

    I need accessories!!!

    sana mgkaron na kyo ng shop ng zune d2..khit sa MOA..ayun..

    I need to buy that zune charger..
    para khit san makpgcharge ako..

    chka ung earphones..
    ncra kc ung akin..hahah!!!

    basta accessories!!!!!

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