Friday, October 10, 2008

Review: UniqueSkins for Zune30

Have you’ve heard about GMask and those other services where you can customize your phone, digital camera, laptops and whatnots? People like it, they like customizing their device to make their own, their own choice of color, design and style.

Dominick of UniqueSkins sent me 2 custom-fit skins for the Zune30 to try out. UniqueSkins carries wide range of customizable skins for mp3 players, laptops, and phones. They have an intuitive interface for uploading and layouting your own skin. Preset templates are available or you can use your own photo if you want to. As of this post, only Zune30 and Zune flash models are supported. No Zune 80 yet…

Photos with captions below: (large photos ahead)

The silicon case was kinda getting boring…

The item was shipped October 1, arrived after 10 days. Thanks Dominick! :)

2 pairs of skins. Design taken from (wallpaper) I think you need to upload hi-res images for the print to come out crisp. Mine had some artifacts in it…

Already applied the back skin. Good thing the sticker can be removed and repositioned without distorting.

The sticky part has ridges that hugs the device well. The paper used is 3M Controltac
“sliceable, positionable, pressure-activated adhesive. This long-term durable and removable film has superior conformability and lifting resistance making it perfect for vehicle wraps with deep channels or concave areas.”

Applying the front is tricky. I removed and repositioned 4 times before I got it right. The good thing about having this skin is that it covered the crevices around the screen, the d-pad, and the 2 buttons, meaning no dust can accumulate in the slits.


Hey, now I have a red zune with a retro back! nice! :)

One question that I have is the quality of print. I wonder if you need to upload a higher resolution or image size to produce a sharper print, their website does not indicate any notes about that. However, the sticker itself is made of high-quality material.

Another thing is the application and maintenance, the skins did not have any instruction on how to apply, remove, clean or reuse the skin. Common-sense will tell you how, but a small note/instruction would help. edit - *Apparently, I didn’t read the FAQ’s! it’s there, my bad,  (Thanks Anonymous! :)

For $7 (approx: 350 Philippine pesos), really does the job of protecting your Zune while making it, well…unique!

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