WizPad spotted: Our local iPad Killer?

Red Fox is not just going into the e-book and phone business, they’re gunning at the iPad this time with the WizPad. Info on this tablet touch screen device is scare other than it looks like a large iPod Touch, even has earpiece holes on top, which means, either this photo is a mockup or this tablet can make calls. It will run on either a Windows or Meego1 operating system. No information if Android is supported. This might steal the show for the more affordable WizLib. People might just opt to buy this instead of the e-ink reader.

Create, Connect, Play, Share.

Create and communicate more with the new RedFox WizPad. Equipped with a touch-screen LCD display combined with its sleek and lightweight design, this tablet PC offers both mobility and style as the optimal solution to one's personal or professional needs.

  • Powered by either Windows or Meego1 operating system designed to optimize the features of tablet PCs
  • Ensures greater mobility and durability by compressing components of a regular PC into a single device
  • Extremely flexible and multi-functional by including applications allowing WizPad to be used as a digital planner, portable internet device, multimedia player, or an e-book reader


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