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Last time we featured Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV from the Iron Man 2 movie. This time we’ll be featuring the Iron Man Mark 2 from the first movie. This steel armor stands at approximately 30 cm or 12 inches tall. Once again, LED lights up the head, hands and Arc reactor.

Hit up the link for more photos and impressions. Warning: large images and may take time to load.


The figure was creatively packaged on a full color box with lots of nice details and suit references. The wraparound packaging had embossed printing for the Arc Reactor and the bolt studs on the suit. Really nice extra.

With over 36 points of articulation, there’s really a lot of moving and posing possible. The metallic figure just really looks awesome. The bolt studs really stands out and feels nice too. It has that classic steam punk look from the industrial age or something. The right arm also has a retractable rocket launcher (not seen here)

There are 3 switches for the LED lights. Both switches are found on the each arm, another switch that lights the eyes and the reactor is under the back flaps.

The details with the flaps and suit covers open are just amazing. Meticulous paint-job as well. Isn’t it obvious that I’m really impressed? :)

Included in the box are 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, including light-up repulsor hand and the head of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. You can really see the inside detail of the mask.

A shot with the alternate head in place.

This has been long sold out on online stores since it was released just after the first Iron Man movie. It can be acquired though at a more expensive price. Looking at Amazon, it’s selling for $900 now.

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