Review: SlickWraps Wood Series for Galaxy S4

SlickWraps sells a wide variety of decals for top smartphone, tablet, computer and other electronic devices. They have different collections ranging from Carbon Series for the carbon fiber look to Leather and Metal Series for customizing that unique look and feel of your own device.

Installation seemed to be very simple. Peel off then align the decal to your device. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Aligning the decal to device was easy but making sure that the edges don’t extend beyond the device was kinda hard. I think SlickWraps could have made the cut of the decal a little bit smaller, allowing a bit room for error just in case

As you can see, the corners are all crumpled up since there were no existing cuts on the decals to start with. SlickWraps advises that you heat the affected areas with a blow dryer. I did that for a while and while it helped, I was afraid what direct heat could do to the phone.

I had to contend with the look that I got. Actually it does seem to resemble the wood-like box that the Galaxy S4 came with so that gave some consolation. After I few days of going bare, I decided to remove it and go back to the tougher Spigen Slim Armor case. I tried fitting it into the SlimArmor with the SlickWrap installed but it did not fit so it had to go. I also did not use the front decal since I already had a Realook protector installed.

Overall, the skin had a nice texture. The 3M Controltac adhesive material used is way too durable but left the installer a small room for error. Once you fix it and decide to realign, removing the decal may stretch the whole thing a bit and leave you with some excess on the corners. It looked good but application and cut could use a little improvement.

Thanks to Applewerkz for providing this review unit.


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