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Friday, September 08, 2017

Galaxy Note 8 is now up for pre-order at Lazada Philippines


The Note 8 is officially being sold at 49,990 pesos and will only come in black and gold variants. The pre-order period will also mean additional freebie in the form of an AKG Bluetooth speaker (which is worth 7,990 as they say) 

Will you be getting one?



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Review: XVIDA Wireless Charging Mount System

I have been using wireless chargers since 2012, when I had the Nexus 4. Then when I got the Tylt Vu charger (from Kickstarter), it became my go to wireless charger ever since. The convenience of just dropping your phone on your desk without ever fumbling on cords is really a good selling point.

Upgrading through a number of phones, most of them didn't have wireless charging built-in - were a problem. Wireless chargers are still at their infancy 3 years ago but nowadays wireless chargers are basic features of flagship phones - even the new iPhone's will reportedly have this feature from Android years too late.

XVIDA is a magnetic-type charging dock that has a wide array of accessories for desks, car, and for any surface. The XVIDA chargers uses magnets to keep itself aligned on the contact points and sticky reusable silicon-type adhesive to stick to your device.

Just to note that this requires a Qi-enable phone to work. So if you own an iPhone, you will need to get a special case from Xvida which has a special connector on the lighting port to make all this work.

This is what you’ll need if you’ll want your device to work on the various XVIDA docks. You won’t need this if you’ll get their special charging cases as shown here: https://www.xvida.com/collections/charging-cases

I don’t have their Galaxy S8+ cases so this Sticky Pad will just have to work.

It adds substantial thickness that you can’t use your case anymore with this on. So keep that in mind.

Luckily, the wireless charging still works on thin cases like this Ringke Flex S Case. So you can just stick it on the case itself rather than the back of the phone. Your mileage may vary though, specially on thicker cases.

Just be careful to only stick the Sticky Pad on hard cases or suffer the same fate as I did. It really sticks pretty well.

XVIDA Wireless Charging Desk Stand

This wireless charging dock supports Fast Charging 2.0 which is great for phones that support it, like the Galaxy S8+. The box includes a Fast Charging AC adapter and braided micro-usb cable.

The stand is well built and doesn’t fall down easily even with a phone on. The base has a reusable silicon sticky pad that can be repositioned with ease. It makes the phone look like its floating on your desk.

This is how it looks on the side. I can easily remove it from the dock without it tipping over. The only thing that I didn’t like was the length of included micro-usb cable (which is around 3.3 feet or 1 meter). I had to use my longer Aukey micro usb cable – around 6.6 feet or 2 meter, double - so that it would reach my extension cord comfortably. The cable seems to be durable but for my use case, it was just short.

XVIDA Wireless Charging Suction Cup Mount

This is to be used in your car to mount it either on your dashboard or windshield. It comes with a Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 capable 2-usb slot car port charger, a braided usb cable and cable clip organizers.

I tried mounting it on my dashboard together with my iOttie One Touch 3 mount.

Mounting on the dashboard is pretty tricky. I had mine fall a few minutes after placing my phone. While the sticky suction cup part is more clingy than the usual suction cup material we’re used to, it doesn’t hold that much, specially on dashboard with much grain on them – like I have.

XVIDA should have included an extra base piece (much like the iOttie) one with a thicker sticky pad to stick on the dashboard and provide a smooth surface for the suction to adhere better. see this pic from iOttie.

However, placing it on the windshield was the perfect spot for me. Everything worked well, adjusting to portrait and landscape was quick and easy. Just be sure you’re not violating the Republic Act 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act law.

XVIDA Wireless Charging Mountable Pad

This pretty much allows you to mount and charge your phone to anything you can stick this thing to – magnetically. If you’re rich and want to buy a couple, you can mount this on the fridge so you can charge and watch videos while in the kitchen..something like that.

The box included the same Fast Charging AC adapter and braided USB cable. There is a thin metal plate included so you can mount that on any surface and mount the charging pad there via magnets.

This has 4 neodymium magnets on each corner so you’re sure that it would always magnetically lock-on your phone in the most optimal charging position.

Tried placing one on a bedside drawer and it worked well.


I really liked the usefulness of XVIDA, the quick mounting system via magnets and the fast charging feature is one that I lack on my own charging solutions. While there are some drawbacks like the short cables included and the flimsiness of the car dock, I would still overall rate this as a good buy – now if you have a limited budget to splurge on a wireless charger then this might hurt a bit but the investment may be a good one in the long run. My personal favorite is the desk dock because I spend most of the time on my desk :)


Thanks to Guru of Tech (Philippines) for sending this product for review.

XVIDA products are available at Lazada - http://www.lazada.com.ph/xvida/

iGig Center, Greenhills Promenade - https://www.facebook.com/igigcenter1/

International? Check out full products: http://amzn.to/2vxoiZZ

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Is this the BEST POWERBANK EVER? - OmniCharge 20 Unboxing

This is the OmniCharge 20 – Quite possibly the best power bank in the market today. Been using it for a few days now and it can literally power anything.

The OmniCharge 20 has 2 USB ports, one is QuickCharge 3.0 ready. It can also do wireless inductive charging. But the best thing it can do, and one main feature that most powerbanks can’t do is that it can also power things like a wall socket can!

Curious? Just watch the video above.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

JBL Eon One and JBL Professional comes to the Philippines


The JBL Eon One and the JBL Professional Inauguration was held last June 24, 2017 at JBL Sound Gallery. The event was graced by HARMAN & Beyond Innovations Inc. Executives and the Media.


Two artists performed to showcase the legendary JBL Professional Sound. The first artist was Maxine Javelino, she played her original songs with the use of the All-in-ONE PA system. Her acoustic set were superbly delivered; clear and crisp. JBL Eon One as the best-performing loudspeaker aims to be the perfect companion for travelling performers like Maxine; with an easy set-up and one-hand carry system, one can perform and play music anywhere. The second artist was JV Custodio, he used the JBL Professional 3 Series Speakers and AKG Pro Headphones. He dropped beats and mixes with great depth and Ambience. The Media also had the chance to converse with Beyond Innovations Executives about the JBL Professional products.


With the introduction of JBL Eon One and JBL Professional Series at the JBL Sound Gallery, it aims to amplify a fruitful movement of auditory experience for its consumers.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Now Available: DJI Spark


We’re now accepting orders for DJI’s newest and smallest drone yet – The DJI Spark is now available in the Philippines 

Intelligent flight modes; built-in camera captures 1920x1080 videos and 3968x2976 photos; 1080p Full HD camera; operating range up to 328 feet away; multidirectional controls

For inquiries, kindly send us a message thru facebook: facebook.com/techoloph or email us at techoloph@gmail.com. Thanks!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Galaxy Note 4 Lags, Reboots Temporary Fix

If you’ve been having problems with your Galaxy Note 4 lately – lagging, freezing and randomly rebooting, this could be probably be due to a bad update by Samsung.

Error on boot up like: “could not do normal boot, mmc_read failed” showing the black screen Android character could be frustrating and the constant reboot just forced me to get an S8+ instead.

So for a temporary fix, that will completely allow you to normally use your phone again, try downloading Wake Lock Power Manager from the Google Play Store. Run the PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK mode.

I have done this and the phone again is responsive, and doesn’t restart randomly anymore. Try to read the Reviews of the app and see for your self. Let us just hope Samsung releases a permanent fix for our Note 4. Goodluck!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Where to buy cheap USB Type-C Cable

I just bought a couple of nice, quality-looking USB Type-C Cables at Miniso in SM North Edsa Annex. They are selling 1.0meter cable, with 2.1A for 99 pesos.

Miniso is like the 88-peso store Daiso but markets itself as some sort of designer Japanese store – like selling carefully curated items, more on minimalist style like Muji but cheaper.

I have read a couple of not-so-good reviews online about cheap china-made Type-C cables, some even from Daiso and Miniso but I just decided to buy one to test it out. So far everything works perfectly. Syncing and charging are normal. Up to you to believe the “Safe and Secure” line on the box. But keep in mind, you get what you pay for – just be extra careful with these cheap cables and they’ll last long.

So if ever you’re in the hunt for cheap Type-C cables for your Android devices, try checking out Miniso. They have white, mint green, purple, and pink color options.



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