Zune 120gb coming soon!

Taken from the FCC Report


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  1. Oh cmon, give us a break! haha. :)

  2. if this is true from FCC, this could be very, very exciting

    i just can't wait for the 3rd gen

    kuya rom, i have a question but i let it out on your gmail, if you could just pass by your email, i badly need your help

  3. wat?!
    unfair! haha..
    im gonna stick with my 80. love it. :)

  4. Well for me, still sticking with the old 30gb..eheh!

    @Rage, e-mailed you already bro :)

  5. kuya rom. i recently bought a crystal case but it wont fit mine coz i have an 80, its made for 30. if you dont have one yet or if you're interested, email me po. thanks! sayang kasi eh i wont be able to use it.

  6. Hi Jenny, thanks! I have right now a silicon protector kasi for my 30gb, maybe some readers might be interested.

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