Zune device mock-ups

Another Round of Zune mock-ups

The Zune 2.0 mockup above was taken from T3. It was actually made for the original Zune, but the thinner profile makes it a candidate for the upcoming 2nd Generation Zune.

Plus, other Zune Flash colors from my post below on the announcement (scoop) of a flash-based Zune coming this year

Do you have a mockup yourself?, or found any other cool mock-ups online of Zune's and future Zune's? Comment on it and I'll add it up.


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  1. just saw another pinoy zune site..



  2. nice site :) more and more zune users are making their site!

  3. thats a hot mock up hehe.

  4. oooh...wow! that zune looks great! i love my zune kaya lng i wud luv it more if it wud luk jzt lyk that! hope to see that for real soon!

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