Firmware update coming this May?

There has been a buzz on the zune community on the upcoming new firmware that is expected to be released this coming May. Simply_me_04, from TipidPC said that his friend who is a team manager at Teleperformace Zune account told him that there is an expected update coming next month.

Levine, a zune user, also posted a link from Zune forums:

"The new software coming out will be a very big update and will fix most of these issues. And shortly after that, a new firmware will be released.  He didn't tell me what the new firmware does because of policy but I sure hope it's good.  As far as the software, this is all I know that will be added:

Auto Playlist, Advanced Tag Editor, Faster Syncing"

Will the XNA games be part of that? I do hope so.

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