Zune Surface touch-screen device concept

Zune Surface 256GB Black

  • Touch sensitive 4.2 inch display
  • 256GB solid-state storage
  • Camera with xenon flash
  • Wireless internet connectivity and browser
  • Xbox & windows media center integration
  • Games and instant messaging

  • How I wish we can have this. With a much better interface of course! :) I also don’t know about that 4.2” display, seems to big when I think of it! If you want to set this as your wallpaper, feel free to download below choosing your screen resolution. Enjoy!

    Download Zune Surface wallpaper


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    1. Totoo ba to?? Or rumor lang?

    2. Frankly, I think that a device like this could help to revolutionalize the Zune market. Especially with the anticipated release of Microsoft Surface on the Multi-touch capable OS known as Windows 7,if this were to be marketed properly, it could take a major bite out of the Apple IPOD. The camera would be an excellent feature, especially if it were paired with a Zune edition Windows Live Photo GAllery/PAint for on-device editing. A full web browser would be a plus, especially with a high res screen. The only other tie up would be more open=source apps. Thats one positive to the touch is all the addons you can download. If MIcrosoft opened a full app store on Zune MArketplace, along with easier development for games/apps, it would help exponentially. As would an accelerator for motion sensing movement. Microsoft would also have to be contentious about the price as well, keeping it competitive with the Ipod touch, if not only slightly more expensive, due to more features/presumed space. but thats just me.

    3. @Mike

      Nice input I couldn't agree more.

    4. oh my god is this for real?

    5. It would be nice to own something with these features. But it would be like having a PDA...sort of beats the whole idea of having a "zune". i dont know but, for me, i would rather own (or carry) different gadgets that would suit my mood. it could be my zune, my laptop, a psp, camera, or simply my phone all just because each gadget has a different purpose... and yeah, just like what mike said, that's just me!

    6. haha Karen thanks for quoting me lol. I do agree with you on the standpoint that its cool having several devices that serve as a powerhouse in their own respective fields, but unfortunately... I can only fit so many things into my jeans pockets lol

    7. @karen

      I think sooner or later, all-in-one devices will be everywhere. Camera phones didn't exist before and now they are standard in every phone.

      They may not be at par, or be a replacement for their stand-alone counterparts (camera phones versus DSLR's) but they provide a quick access to the most common and basic features that people want without buying a separate camera, pda, etc..

      but thats just me..ehehe

    8. ya on that subject of the cameras... sonys releasing a cybershot phone lol. starting with a 5mp with full capabilities. a year and 1/2 after that theyre projecting the 7mp version on a (4)g network. craaazy cool... but thats just me

    9. hahaha mike! women won't have any problem with carrying so much 'cause most of us would always carry a huuuuuge purse...or is it just me? HAHAHA! and since we're into tech stuff now...i do like the xperia (SE) and the new smart phone that palm would be releasing...but i still love my zune... now that i am able to download youtube videos...(sorry). my zune is now so full of 'em old school sesame street episodes. lol...

    10. ha i know, its easier for women cause they have purses. our only option is 1) everything in 1 2) stuff teh pants pockets awkwardly (haha) or 3) ask our lady friends to carry our excess necessity electronics whenever we go out lol. oh well... i just would really love to see this as a reality sometime soon.. and theres nothing wrong with sesame street. but thats just me haha (notice the effort at the recurring quote ^,^)

    11. I can't stand carrying a lot of devices haha! If it's possible to put everything in one gadget and all features not to be compromised then that would be GREAT!! Have to wait for a few years for that special gadget to come out haha! That's just me (you know I had to add it) hahahaha.

      Karen Xperia is my dream phone holy crapoli! :D But anywaaay let's stick to the Zune! :D

    12. OMG i thought that this was real! haha! but it would be GREAT to have an all in one device like this one. lol! their price would prolly be the same as of a car. :p

    13. *sigh* wish there's xperia here in manila. i don't think i'd ever go for any other brand again. but that's just me being my usual "non-conforming" self. oh and ruthie, my friends are asking if you have available brand new zunes now. and since we're at it...i got my zune from ruthie and i'm telling you guys, if you all want a zune, ruthie's the one to "run" to! i desperately wanted a zune and i immediately got a brand new one from her! i just wish she'd start selling accessories...*wink*

    14. wala po ba kaung price update sa mga seller dito??

      pa post naman po.. salamat..

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