Windows Mobile 6.5 far from Zune UI

Is it just me or is anybody seeing these shots of WinMo 6.5 as a step back from the Zune interface? The icons are not consistent and they look cluttered and complicated. The text is not even anti-aliased and the alignment is somewhat off. The honeycomb interface wastes space on the left and right that can accommodate 4 column icons. (maybe made that way for touch-screen devices) and about that wallpaper, maybe they could have used some cool landscape or abstract graphics that would be consistent in every screenshot of the operating system (ala clown fish for the iPhone).

I don’t know if these are the final shots of Microsoft’s next mobile OS before WinMo7, if this is it, expect Google Android or Palm’s WebOS to take some of their OS’ market share.

See more hi-res photos of Windows Mobile 6.5


Now these are waaay cooler than the initial screenshots above. Nice icons, beautiful wallpaper and good balance of graphical elements.

If I’m not mistaken, the system font of this OS is Verdana. Hope they consider using Helvetica, the Microsoft font Segoe, or just any other sans serif fonts. A perfect example would be Palm’s WebOS’ very hip Avenir font.

See more shots of the official Windows Mobile 6.5 from Engadget


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  1. i'm currently using cooked wm6.5 rom in my Hermes..

    i can say me bright future siya..hehe

    just don't like the honeycomb.. others are ok..


  2. heheh... I just saw the video of wm6.5 from engadget, looks fine. not great, but good enough.

    still sticking to symbian for now.

  3. I think these are unofficial WInMo 6.5 screen shots. The OS is not optimised for the hardware (which explains the rough rendered text). I think whatever MS will show on the coming Mobile Congress is a lot more polished than this.

  4. you are right jhoeforth, updated this post :) thanks!

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