Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sony teams up with Microsoft for next-gen device

Microsoft and Sony have teamed up to produce the next-generation zune player codenamed Zonic. Both companies, having their own mp3 player lines (Zune & Walkman), have joined forces to build the successor to Microsoft’s Zune mp3 device and Sony’s portable gaming device, the PSP.

It’s kinda ironic don’t you think considering Sony and Microsoft are both in the gaming console business with XBox competing directly against Sony’s PS3. How will they keep technology secrets from each other? That I don’t know. But large tech companies tend to do that these days, take the case of Google’s Eric Schmidt having a seat on Apple’s board. Google’s Android OS is directly competing with Apple’s iPhone OS while Google’s Chrome is taking a bite out of Safari’s share. So I think it’s normal for MS and Sony to team up.

Maybe a Zune + Xbox + PS3 + PSP integration is in the works? that would be cool.

What do you think of this Zonic next-gen music and gaming device?

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