iPhone and iPod Touch with 3.0 firmware Jailbreak Guide

 In other news…

iPhone OS has already been jailbroken for iPod Touch and iPhone 3G (not 3GS) thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team.

Wanting more on my iPod Touch (like everyone else), I googled and found a very helpful site for iPod Touch and iPhone owners in jailbreaking their device to version 3.0.

For those interested in jailbreaking their iPods and iPhones, check out Calvin’s step-by-step guide at CalvinsHub.com. (Calvin is also from the Philippines).

The main new features of iPhone OS 3.0 are: Copy & Paste text, New Spotlight, Landscape keyboard, Multimedia messaging, Shake to shuffle music, Voice memo application, Peer-to-peer Bluetooth connectivity (even on iPod Touch).

Doing this made me think if we would need to jailbreak ZuneHD come September? would people call it “jailbreaking” also?

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