Will the next-gen iPod Touch outshine Zune HD?

TechCrunch reports said that the new iPod Touch (3rd Generation) would have a camera, video capture and edit features and would be very fast. (like 3GS fast). The validity of this report is not yet set in stone as these are only based on sources saying that Apple has placed massive orders of camera modules similar to the new iPhones.

Would the camera feature outshine the Zune HD? (both are expected to be introduced this September)

via TechCrunch


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  1. granted, as much as I would enjoy the camera feature, i would overall find it a bit cumbersome. since i always carry my phone on me, i always have a camera at the ready, and by the time I own a Zune HD, i'll also have an android phone that'll have a better resolution than the one Apple uses in their devices. I know this seems sort of contrary to one of my previous posts, where I stated the Zune should have a camera, but I think native HD content is more than enough for an upgrade. I just hope that MIcrosoft will make it capable for us to run Win Mobile apps on there, as well as allow us to tinker with some degree of high def gaming on the device. As far as speed goes, based on all the vids i've seen, the NVidia Tegra chip certainly pulls its own weight in regards to providing for a swift device, and I predict that the Zune HD will certainly be faster than Apple's 3rd rehash of the Ipod touch, but that's just the way I see it.
    later ^,^

  2. Zune HD is getting raves right now but come September, I do hope that the Zune won't get upstaged by a newer iPod Touch model.

    I agree with you Mike on Microsoft allowing 3rd party apps to run on the Zune HD hardware. It would be a waste of Tegra-power if it couldn't/wouldn't run apps. I for one enjoy using my iPod Touch because of the apps.

    If the new iPod touch is sold at the same price of today's model, adding the extra camera feature and speed bump would really be a good upgrade (that's Moore's Law right there :)

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