New iPod Nanos will have radio and camera features, iPod Touch left untouched.

iPod Nanos were in the spotlight today at the Apple Press Event. Here are the features that will be seen on the new models available today:

  • Larger screen (2.2”)
  • Camera for photos videos only
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • FM Radio
  • Voice Over features similar to Shuffle
  • Voice Recorder

The iPod Touch were left with only a price drop which was not that of a drop and some speed enhancements for the 32 and 64GB models only. Speed will be similar to the iPhone 3GS.

iPod Touch Zune HD
8GB - $199 – old model 16GB - $220 +Tegra/OLED
32GB - $299 – 50% faster 32GB - $290 +Tegra/OLED
64GB - $399 – 50% faster  

I was expecting cameras for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano today because of the rumors and photos of iPod cases that have camera holes in them. What was that all about? Did accessory makers just invest and develop cases for a non-existent product? It’s a conspiracy I tell you..

The Zune HD comes out strong at it’s price point of $220 for 16GB of storage. Just add 20 dollars to your 8GB iPod Touch and you get a spankin’ brand new 16GB Zune HD. Good battery life from OLED screen and powerful TEGRA chips. On the plus side, you get to use the very intuitive Zune Software, which users of both will tell you, beats iTunes any day of the week.

Before I was thinking who’s got the edge between iPod Touch 3G and the Zune HD in terms of price and features (excluding apps) I think the Zune HD came out the winner today.

I might get a Zune HD after all.

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