Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Preorder Microsoft Zune HD from a TipidPC seller

Somebody’s taking pre-orders of Zune HD over at TipidPC.

I’ m now taking preorders for the new Zune HD PMP. Note that this will be officially released September 15.


I would require at least a P1k deposit for reservation.

16gb = P13,900
32gb = P17,500

- Meiroque (seller username at tipidpc.com)

You can chat with him via Yahoo! Messenger: dranoel4190

Although the price is higher than the conversion rates seen below, even at 50 pesos to a dollar, it’s still a fair price considering the shipping costs and of course “labor” cost of bringing the Zune HD right to your doorstep.

Zune HD 16GB = $220 x 50 = 11,000 (tongpats = 2,900)
Zune HD 32GB = $290 x 50 = 14,500 (tongpats = 3,000)

If you like to be able to choose the color of your Zune HD. I suggest that you don’t pre-order anything before September 15th. You only get Black for 16GB and Brushed Platinum for 32GB right now, but after September 15, you can choose from these 5 cool colors or even get a 16GB model in Brush Platinum!

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