Do I need a Zune HD right now?

My old zune is still working perfectly. I have an iPod Touch as well. Do I need a Zune HD now?

I almost pre-ordered but I think I'll wait. No color options yet. (I like the platinum). Curious on the HD radio, but as far as I know, only 93.9 iFM broadcasts in HD in the Philippines. I also would love to try out the HD output to our HDTV but would have to shell out $90 extra for the HD AV dock. As for the storage, 16GB is quite limited for me. I store audio and video podcasts on my zune which takes a lot of space. 16GB is not bad for the price, but this is clearly not for those whose Zune 120 is nearly full.

And my pet peeve which I always rant about — app support, and will it be possible to jailbreak it as well? ;)

Don't get me wrong, the Zune HD is the BEST Zune since Zune 1st Gen. If you're a hardcore music or movie enthusiast, this is for you (Don't get the iPod touch as they've gone the route of PSP's and DS') I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I had enough extra funds but It’s just in the WANT list right now.

Anyway, I just got word that the Nokia E72, my highly anticipated phone replacement, finally is set to be released this 2nd week of October (or even earlier in the Philippines). This one is on the NEED list.

Then again, this is just me. If you’d buy yours, palaro naman. :)


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  1. This is a very interesting post, Rom. So interesting that I made an entire blog in response! Here:

  2. Nice post jhoeforth :) You are right, our leading telcos lack the perfect data plan suitable for mobile internet on the go.

    There's Sun Cellular's unlimited internet SIM for only 800 pesos a month but I don't want to switch sim's all the time so that's out of the choice. (unless I get a dual-sim phone like my|phone)

    I'm mainly expectant of the E72 due to my experience on E61i and the rock-solid reviews of E71. I'm sure E72 is an improvement of both.

    There is no SRP yet, but if it is above 18k then I will again wait. (that's what I do best..hehe)

    I'm guilty of having "gadget lust" sometimes but I still have self control dictated by my wallet and priorities. I have to listen to those first.

    Nice insights bro!

  3. Just updating this post to say that I'm not getting the E72 anymore. Maybe I'll make the switch again after the open-source symbian takes off.

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