Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Upgrading Zune Philippines

As you all have noticed in the previous years, Zune Philippines have branched out outside the zune sphere of devices and services and started featuring and reviewing phones, netbooks, and other gadgets like Android phones and (gasp!) Apple products.

As a technology blog writer, I often ask myself how many articles I should devote writing and researching for the Zune platform and how many non-zune articles should populate the blog. That is why sometimes, articles are scarce due to the fact that most news are non-zune related products. I also just don’t think that this blog should be over-run by non-microsoft/zune gadgets under the umbrella.

I also believe, with the way things are going, that the Zune brand will become more of a platform and service provider instead of a tangible hardware device we all loved from our Zune 30’s to Zune HD. I may be wrong but recent Microsoft developments from the KIN to the Windows Phone 7 are proof that the Zune is planned as service-only platform if you discount the Zune HD2 rumors.

With these developments. I’m upgrading or I should say ‘opening’ Zune Philippines to a larger readership base. The rebranding will focus on current technology news, hot gadgets and personal reviews. The ZunePH identity will still live on (on its own section) so will Zune topics so don’t worry Zune folks! ZUG will still carry-on!

Watch out for the new rebranding to rise from soon! Changes will trickle slowly as I’m a one-man team. Contributors are welcome :)

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