iPad Charging on your PC’s USB via Ai Charger

ipad-usb-chargingI have been wondering how to charge my iPad without plugging it in the power cord for sometime. You see the iPad draws quite a large amount of power so some USB bus cannot sufficiently power it hence displaying the “Not Charging” text on the battery icon. Even my iMac (late 2009) cannot charge the iPad while in Windows 7 Bootcamp, but works well when booted in OSX. (Maybe it has something to do with power management of the USB bus on windows and OSX)

In search for the answer I found this tool by Asus. It is called Asus Ai Charger. It is essentially turns ANY PC/Motherboard into a powerful charging station. It boasts of improving charging rates up to 50% faster. I tried it on my iMac and it works! the iPad now charges normally so I can now ditch the power adapter altogether and sync and charge at the same time. I  still haven’t tried if charging works while on Standby, Hibernation or Shutdown. IT would be cool if it would work.

Download Ai Charger

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