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For today’s collectible, we will feature the legendary ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters. The ECTO-1 was the the primary transportation of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore through the streets of New York. The ECTO-1 is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor hearse-looking model that is actually an ambulance by design. It was featured in Ghostbusters the movie as well as the animated series.

We have both the Joyride and Hot Wheels version that we will have a quick rundown. So hit the ‘read more’ button and get ready for bandwidth hogging photos. (Click to enlarge the photos)

JoyRide ECTO-1

The ECTO-1 by Joyride is a 1:21 scale die cast that’s at least 12 inches long. If you didn’t notice, this version is not 100% accurate and is different the the hunchback type used in the movie.

The car components are all there. There’s also an included base which you can unscrew at the bottom. The whole die-cast is a little bit heavy and has a premium feel. The high gloss paint and stickers are cool, but I can see some paint bubbles on some parts.

The front grills and NY plate looks nice.

Flip the hood and inside is the engine detailed with cables and colors. Flip the 2 front doors and the rear one and you can see the mini laboratory inside with switch decals. also included in the box are 4 accessories for the roof of the ECTO 1, looks like a satellite dish and other radar equipment.


..and cute Slimer is also included.


Hot Wheels Elite ECTO-1

While I didn’t have enough time for this 1:18 scale version of Hot Wheels, I had an opportunity to take some comparison shots against the Joyride version. I’ll fully cover this again and append to this post (or create a new one) as soon as I can fully uncover it from the box :)

You can notice that this Hot Wheel version is slightly bigger than Joyride’s. It’s also movie accurate. The top equipment have yet to be installed but the shape and the hunchback resembles that one used in the movie. I also noticed that Joyride only has 1 license plate on the front while Hot Wheels have both.

The hood is also more detailed and realistic compared to Joyrides orange colored plastic one. The interiors also share the same level of craftsmanship. Even the windshield is made of glass which gives a rainbow reflection, which we normally see on car windows. It’s really sleek.

Hot Wheels doesn’t have Slimer on the set but it included a stretcher wheel cart stored at the back, which I think is a perfect addition for this car.

Overall, the Hot Wheel versions exceeds that of Joyrides and makes for a really great collectible piece. The level of detail and build of this die-cast is top-notch. It’s also huge!

Hot Wheels Elite Ecto1

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