Where to buy Xbox 360 Slim 220 volt AC Adapter?

We just got a cool new Xbox 360 Slim Holiday Bundle last year (thanks to the Black Friday madness) and got a couple of Kinect titles as well. It’s really a great console and the Kinect sensor adds a whole new gameplay interaction and was actually pretty good at tracking. We had hours and hours of fun after unboxing it :)

One quirk that I had ever since was that the Xbox 360 comes with a 110v AC Adapter instead of 220v and would require the use of a step-up transformer. I remember the time when I accidentally burned out our PlayStation 1 by accidentally plugging it into the wrong socket. With smoke coming out from the drive bay and a slow fading beep sound. That was sad.


If you can, get a 220 volt power adapter

I’d suggest that getting a 220v version of the adapter being sold over at Lazada Philippines for only 1,800 pesos. It may a bit expensive but certainly safer to have. Lazada also offers free shipping for this item (anything over 1,000) and has a 7-day return policy. It’s a good deal already considering you’ll save money on gas/transpiration and just have it shipped directly to your house with the warranty benefits of a physical store.

Xbox 360 Slim Original 220V Adapter

  • Input: AC 100-240V - 2A 47-63Hz
  • Output: DC 135W 12--10.83A/5Vsb--1A
  • With LED indicator light to display the power status


Check out Xbox 360 Slim 220v Adapter over at Lazada Philippines.

If you don’t have an Xbox, Lazada also carries the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle for 16,000 pesos.

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